As an energy practitioner, I want to help answer the question I hear every day from my clients and class attendees:

I leave a healing session refreshed and motivated, but a week later I'm stuck back in the grind. How do I do “the work”? How do I get out of this cycle and actually change my life?

I know what it’s like.

Before becoming an energy practitioner, I worked for years as a corporate event planner. I was also trying to be a super mom, raising four kids and running a family.

My life was busy and hectic. I was preoccupied with making sure we had enough and wanted feel in control of everything. I was running on cycles of anxiety and overwhelm, feeling like I was always trying to catch up.

I was afraid if I stopped for just one moment, things would fall apart.

Something needed to change, but I didn’t really know what to do. I just knew I wanted to:

  • Live with less anxiety and fear
  • Become more free and flexible
  • Create more joy and abundance

I wanted to live a life I was truly CHOOSING for myself.


I’ve achieved all these things and more to the point where I feel as if I am living a magical life where anything is possible. And I believe we all have this ability.

But I have to be 100% honest: this didn’t come easy.

Here’s the big secret nobody in the metaphysical world tells you!

When I started pursuing energy work, my life changed dramatically. But it didn’t change because I had this big revelation or epiphany where everything suddenly became clear. It didn’t change just because I eventually left my corporate career.

My life changed because I worked hard to study, practice, and learn how to use my energy field to create the kind of life I wanted.

My life changed because I realized I had actual power over my thoughts, my health, and my choices, and it changed because I was willing to invest my time in understanding how to protect and use my energy field.

In my line of work, I meet a lot of people who are hoping for quick tricks or methods to instant manifestation. And there are lots of practitioners out there willing to make that promise. 

For me, there wasn’t a major “a-ha” or "healing" moment. 

It took a lot of hard work, courage, and daily practice. I literally had to read hundreds of books and spend thousands of hours trying many different practices to see what felt right or what made sense for me. Some of it worked. A lot of it didn’t. 

Every single relationship in my life changed. Lots of people close to me didn’t understand or believe in what I was studying and practicing. It was a long, hard road. Sometimes it's still hard.

But it doesn’t have to be as hard for you as it was for me.

Introducing Vibe Tribe

After 11 years of practicing energy work, I started the Vibe Tribe community to share everything I've learned (and continue to learn) to help you:

  • Let go of fear and anxiety

  • Become empowered to live your truth

  • Feel grounded, supported, and balanced

  • Develop your intuitive and healing skills

  • Stay informed on current energies

  • Create the life you want

What You'll Receive

When you purchase a membership, you’ll get immediate access to a brand new package of information each month and a supportive, online community where you can ask questions any time.

  • Energy reports

    Updates on the most current influencing energies and how they're affecting our thoughts, feelings and physical bodies.

  • Meditations

    Guided meditations you can download tailored to the energies and influencers each month.

  • Video teachings

    Tips and lessons on current energies and building your own healing skills.

  • Oracle readings and intuitive tools

    Card readings and techniques to work with your energy field to boost your manifesting abilities.

  • Private community forum

    A safe community connecting like-minded people where you can share and receive support.

  • Webcasts

    Live webcasts to give you up-to-date info and answer your questions.

Join the Community

Registration is only open for 1 week! So I encourage you to sign up today. I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee so there's no risk to try it out.

Choose a monthly or annual subscription:

Monthly Membership
$33 per month

30-day money back guarantee

Who Should Join?

If you’ve been to a class, read my blog, or seen me for a healing session, you’ve only just scratched the surface of understanding just how powerful your energy is and the kind of change it can bring to your life.

  • Anyone Interested in Changing Their Life

    No matter where you are on your personal journey, you have the power to create more healing and harmony in your life.

  • Healers in Training

    You’ve been developing your skills and want encouragement to move forward. You’re interested in helping others and want to turn this work into a serious hobby or profession.

  • Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Holistic Practitioners

    It can be tiring helping clients every day, and you need to keep up your own personal practice to stay balanced. Get advice from fellow practitioners to feel grounded and advance your skills.

  • Intuitives and Sensitives

    Validate what you’re channeling and stay connected to others in the energy community.

Why Now?

There has never been more critical to come together as a unified force during this ascension cycle.

The current, collective energies we're experiencing as a humanity are so filled with fear and worry at this time. People are feeling physical and emotional pain, and a lot of this pain is coming from old thought patterns and paradigms in need of shifting.

But I also believe there has never been more potential than there is right now to co-create the life you want. The world is waiting for you to realize the incredible power you have to move through old fear and bring in new vibrations.

Every choice you make (thought, word, or action) can either lower your vibration and keep you stuck in the cycle of busyness and stress OR it can raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, and help you enjoy your life.

Your individual consciousness container is always creating your reality, and your symptoms and your healing. It all depends on the work you're doing. Symptoms change, and sometimes return. It is all a process of ongoing change.

This limited-time offer to join Vibe Tribe will only be open for 1 week. My intention isn't to keep anyone out, but it takes a lot of energy to promote and welcome new members. I want to dedicate as much of myself to the community as possible and stay available for client healing sessions and teaching.

I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it out. I've posted a few comments below from some of my clients for those of you who might not know me as well. Ultimately, it's up to you to TRUST your own intuition about where you choose to go for information.



Hear from Vibe Tribe Members

  • Katie
    The VIBE community has helped me in a great way. I love the conversations and knowledge that everyone brings to the table. It is a positive environment to surround you with. No question is a stupid question and everyone is there for love and support. This is a great group I can be proud to be a part of.
  • The experience of Vibe Tribe is like a combination of being at Suzanne's workshops, monthly meditations, and an individual session, all rolled into one! If you did nothing but the meditations, the membership would be worth every penny (except you wouldn't just do that - there's too much awesome stuff that is shared each month!). If you are looking for tools to work with current energies or to make positive changes in your life, you'll find them in the Vibe Tribe."
  • Jane
    Suzanne takes complex spiritual concepts and explains them in a way that I can immediately begin to apply in my own life. I like Suzanne's emphasis on an individual's power and that it’s our choice to apply the concepts or not. As a healer, Suzanne is straightforward and gets to the heart of the matter with honesty and a sense of humor. Suzanne is not an out of reach, unicorn chasing guru on a mountain top. She is one of us. She has applied her advice to her own life and we see that it is possible to apply it to ours.
  • Melanie
    It took me awhile to warm up to the idea of energy work for I, like most people, had little knowledge about it and was afraid of opening up to it before meeting Suzanne. Over the past 4 years of working with her, I’ve learned so much about myself, humanity, and the beyond. She truly has a unique talent of healing and teaching that is raw and real. I’m forever grateful for her time and gift. I truly believe it was the change my soul was seeking.
  • Being a member of VIBE Tribe has benefited me in more ways than one. Each month Suzanne breaks down what is happening with the energies we are all experiencing in our day to day lives. This guidance has helped me traverse through my days with greater ease and understanding. My favorite part of the monthly reports are the meditations! They are each different, fun and powerful! VIBE Tribe has been a great addition to my life!!”
  • Kelsey
    Through working with Suzanne, I've completely changed my life. I created a life where I can set my own schedule and choose my work. I feel free of the fear and anxiety that used to keep me from trying new things and pursuing what I'm passionate about. Suzanne is genuine and honest, and I know her true heart is focused on teaching all of us everything she knows so we can life full, healthy lives.
  • Kim
    I did not realize that I was slogging through life doing what I believed I expected of me, doing what I believe others expected of me and placing unreasonable expectations on those around me. A friend from work mentioned Suzanne and her ability to read Chakra’s and that it might be a “fun” thing for me to do. “Fun” is not how I would describe my first experience with Suzanne…“Life Changing” is the phrase that I would like to use to describe my experience with Suzanne. Through my healing experiences, working with Suzanne, I’ve been able to take time to really enjoy my life, I am learning to love myself first and I am working on identifying and releasing responsibilities and fears that I did not realize I had. I am grateful for this “Life Changing” experience and have total faith that in my day to day journey, I will be what God intended me to be.
  • The session with you was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I'm still learning from it...I realized that I am always safe because I am light. The day after I saw you...I wrote of my experience and continued to research and now feel confident in who I am and what I'm doing and how I'm living in magnificent abundance and creativity.

Join Before Registration Closes!

Registration will close at midnight on March 27 and won't reopen again until later this year!  

Choose a monthly or annual subscription:

Monthly Membership
$33 per month

30-day money back guarantee

Thanks for the gift of your time in considering this opportunity.

This information was sent, as always, with cosmic hugs!  -- Suzanne